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Top Features Media Kit
King’s League: Odyssey is the mobile (iOS & Android) follow-up to the simulation strategy game The King’s League, set to launch on the 14th November 2013.

Like its predecessor, the game offers a refreshing take on casual battle strategy games. Train your own army to compete through Leagues of increasing difficulty and variety.

This mobile version come with more features: various unique characters, quests and dungeons await!
An attempted murder on the King has led to the death of the Royal Knight Whitney. A new league is announced in hopes of finding a worthy person to take up the role as a Kurestal Knight.

Will you be the one to take the spot at the Kurestal Round Table?

Join the League to find out!
The kingdom of Kurestal.
Recruit and strategize.
Mysterious dungeons with tempting rewards.
Battle your way through the Leagues!
Conquer the lands!
Train and create your ideal army.
Rewarding quests provided by four different factions.
Unit and facility upgrades.
[...] but in reality, it's a surprisingly deep management game where you put together a crew of knights to fight […]. Don't judge this book by its cover.
[...] it is fun, accessible, and challenging, and very likely the kind of game that will eat up a lot of your time if you let it. Consider yourself warned: King's League: Odyssey is pretty darn good.
Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade
An interesting blend of time management, resource management, and RPG elements, King’s League: Odyssey is a charming little addition to anyone’s gaming collection.
It's insanely addictive, requires a lot of strategizing and planning, and is quite a challenge. It also contains just the right amount of micromanagement without being to overbearing on the player.
Christine Chan, AppAdvice
Top Features Media Kit

Vilage, City, Capital, and of course - the King’s League.

A variety of classes for you to choose from,
with two job advancement tiers for each basic class!

More unique characters come your way!
Recruit these exclusive individuals into your army.

Besides levelling specific units,
there are other ways to improve your army.

Claim more cities and defend your own.

Generous rewards offered by four distinct factions.

Achievements that will be recorded
through the legends.

You ain’t a legend without completing
the advanced modes.
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Top Features Media Kit

The media kit includes:

  • King's League: Odyssey Fact Sheet
  • Logos
  • Screenshots
  • Promotional Images
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